Many people have been joking over the years about the failed “end of the world” prophecies by Harold Camping and many others, but few ever seem to notice one of the greatest hoaxes that has ever come down the pike. I am talking about the hoax of a teaching known as Transubstantiation, which is taught by the church of Rome. Do you believe that it is possible for a Roman Catholic Priest to turn a piece of bread (wafer/host) into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ? As a former Roman Catholic, I don’t believe it, and millions of other former Roman Catholics do not believe it either. The reformers didn’t believe it either and it cost many of them their very lives as they suffered cruel and torturous deaths.

Some refer to the Catholic teaching of Transusbstantiation as “hocus pocus” and rightly so, but it is a teaching that is believed by millions upon millions to this very day. This is certainly not a light thing because we are talking about a Roman Catholic priest being given the ability, to bring the eternal Son of God (whole and entire) back down on their Catholic altars to be ingested by their parishioners! In this article I will be taking a look at the Roman Catholic teaching regarding transubstantiation, and compare it with the scriptures to prove that it is indeed a hoax. In this article I will be using references from The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (Revised Edition Number 2), which has the Roman Catholic Official Imprimatur by Francis Cardinal Spellman. The Imprimatur indicates the approval of the Roman Catholic Church of the doctrines which are taught within the Catechism.

In item 344, the Baltimore Catechism talks about the last Supper meal and how it was a Passover meal celebrated by the Jews in remembrance of their slavery in Egypt. The Catechism mentions the fact that the sacrifice was a symbol of the future sacrifice of Christ.

“At the Last Supper Christ instituted the Eucharist as a ceremony under which His sacrifice of the next day on Calvary was to be continued through the centuries. Our Mass is the continuation of this ceremony (with prayers added by the Church), but it is a SACRAMENT, not merely an empty ceremony; it really contains what the ceremony signifies – the sacrifice of Christ.” [ The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, item #344, page 163]

So in this first excerpt from the Catholic Catechism we learn that the Roman Catholic Mass is a continuation of the Eucharistic ceremony, which is the sacrifice of Christ. In item #345 the Catechism tells us that the apostles of the Lord, were present when he instituted the “Holy Eucharist.” In item #346, the Catechism tells us that the Lord instituted the Eucharist when he took the bread and said, “Take and eat, this is my body” and also when he took the wine and said ” All of you drink of this; for this is my blood of the new covenant which is being shed for many unto the forgiveness of sins.” Please pay attention here, because this is the part you need to understand. In the next item #347 the question is asked:

Item #347 “What happened when the Lord said this is My body . . . this is My blood?”

“When our Lord said “This is My body”, the entire substance of the bread was changed into his body; and when He said “This is My blood,” the entire substance of the wine was changed into His blood.”

Item #348 “Did anything of the bread and wine remain after their substance had been changed into Our Lord’s body and blood?”

“After the substance of the bread and wine had been changed into Our Lord’s body and blood, there remained only the appearances of bread and wine.”

Item #349 “What do we mean by the appearances of bread and wine?”

“By the appearances of bread and wine we mean their color, taste, weight, shape, and whatever else appears to the senses.”

Item #350 “What is the change of the entire substance of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ called?”

“The change of the entire substance of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ is called Transubstantiation.”

I hope that you are getting a better understanding here of what is taught as truth, by the Roman Catholic Church regarding their Eucharist. To make it plain and simple to you, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that a Catholic Priest can transform a piece of bread, also known as a “Communion Host (or wafer)” into the ACTUAL body and blood of Jesus Christ Himself! They teach that the substance of the bread (wafer) has been changed into the body and blood of Jesus, even though it appears to be just a piece of bread! The Baltimore Catechism then explains that an apple can go from being a green apple, to a full ripe red apple. Then they say that a partial change of substance takes place when oil burns and changes into smoke. But they say a complete change of substance is called Transubstantiation.

“The only example of this kind of change is found in the Consecration of the Mass. The appearances of bread would also change into those of Christ if God did not prevent this by a miracle. When the priest says, “This is my body,” at Mass, you would immediately see Christ, and not the appearances of bread, if God did not prevent it by a miracle. He keeps the appearances of bread in existence to enable us to eat the flesh of Christ without difficulty.”

Item #351 “Is Jesus Christ whole and entire both under the appearances of bread and under the appearance of wine?”

“Jesus Christ is whole and entire both under the appearances of bread and under the appearances of wine.’

As a former Roman Catholic who was delivered from the great deception of the Roman Catholic Church, it is sometimes difficult to even type these words. It is absolutely amazing to me now, how I could have sat for so long under the false teachings of Rome. They are teaching the people that a priest has the power to change the substance of a piece of bread, or a cup of wine into Jesus Christ Himself. Even though that piece of bread still looks like bread, and tastes like bread, it is no longer bread, but it is Jesus Christ himself. As a former Roman Catholic I would like to say today, that the piece of bread (Communion wafer) looks like bread, and it tastes like bread, because IT IS BREAD! It is not Jesus Christ and it will never be Jesus Christ. What has been taking place for centuries is one of the craftiest deceptions to ever come down the pike. (and there are many of them) I remember watching television programs many years ago where a hypnotist would convince people that they were something else, whether it be an animal or a different person. The people were put under some sort of spell, and it was often incredible (and sometimes scary) as you watched the people act just as the hypnotist commanded them to do. You can call it what you want, you can say it is hypnotism, spiritism or even witchcraft, but there is one thing that I know for sure, and that is that the Roman Catholic teaching of Transubstantiation is not of the Lord, and it most certainly is of demonic origin. Am I saying that the Devil is behind that teaching? That is exactly what I am saying.

Illustration of Transubstantiation

Let’s say you are in the market for a new car, and you do not want to spend much more than twenty five thousand dollars. So one day you are reading the newspaper, and you go the car section to look at the sales page, and you see an ad that gets your attention. “Brand New Rolls Royce $25,000 Plenty available.” You cannot believe your eyes, and you suspect that it must be some kind of a gimmick. But your curiosity gets the best of you, and you take a ride to the dealership anyway. You figure that you have nothing to lose. You arrive at the dealership, and you are greeted by the manager, and you tell him that you are there in response to the Rolls Royce ad. You wait for his answer, and he tells you that he has plenty of them left. He asks you what color you were looking for, and you tell him, you were looking for something in a light blue, but that you were flexible. He says great, I have just the one for you. He takes you outside to the lot and he says there it is. You become confused as you stare at a beautiful baby blue colored Volkswagen. You say to the manager, “is this some kind of a joke or publicity stunt? Your ad said that I could get a Rolls Royce for twenty five thousand dollars, but that is a Volkswagen!” The manager tells you to wait because he was not done yet. He calls for one of his workers from the service area, and he comes running with a large heavy duty white tarp, much like a painters tarp, and he throws it, and it covered the entire car. You are amazed at what this guy has up his sleeve. You watch as the service worker kneels, and bows before the car, and lays his hands upon it, and suddenly he removes the blanket. The manager tells you “There it is, your brand new Rolls Royce!” You look at him and say “That is still a Volkswagen” and he replies. “No sir, that is a brand new Rolls Royce.” On the outside the appearance is still that of a Volkswagen, but the entire substance of the car, has been totally changed into that of a Rolls Royce. The manager then tells you that it is a divine miracle which keeps the appearance of a Volkswagen, and prevents the car from actually appearing like a Rolls Royce, because God wants you to be able to navigate through traffic without difficulty. The manager then tells you that the process of change is called “Transubstantiation” and that other car dealers in the area are also experimenting with the process.

The Real Jesus Christ:

He Died ONCE! He Rose ONCE!

He Ascended into Heaven ONCE!

He died on the Cross at a pre-determined point in time (Acts 2:22-23,1 Corinthians 15:1-3 )

He rose from the dead at a specific point of time (Matthew 28:1-20, Mark 16:1-20, Luke 24:1-49, John 20:1-31, Acts 2:24)

He ascended into heaven at a specific point in time. (Mark 16:19-20, Luke 24:50-53, Acts 9:1-11)

He paid the price in FULL once and for all with his blood. (John 19:30, Hebrews 9:12, 10:12)

There is no more sacrifice for sins. (Hebrews 10:1-14)

The blood of Jesus Christ will JUSTIFY all who believe in Him! (Romans 5:8-9)

Any person can be JUSTIFIED by FAITH in Jesus Christ, and have PEACE with God. (Romans 5:1)

GOD so LOVED the world that He gave His ONLY Begotten Son Jesus Christ for ALL! (John 3:15-21)

Every true born again Bible believing Christian is a Priest unto God now! (1 Peter 2:4-10, Revelation 1:6)

Do not be FOOLED ladies and gentlemen, for it is your very own soul that is at stake!

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