My name is WF White and I am so glad that you stopped by. I am a former Roman Catholic and I was saved out of that deceptive religious system all the way back in 1989. I must tell you that it is a miracle to be saved and born again of the Spirit. You will find that many of the articles and videos on this channel expose the false doctrines within the church of Rome. It is truly a great awakening when I realized that I was sitting under a counterfeit and soul-damning gospel for so many years. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was on my way to Hell until 1989 when I came to know the REAL Jesus Christ. The Lord opened my eyes to see that there was no such place as Purgatory, and that the Catholic Mass along with the “transubstantiation” performed by their priests was DEMONIC to the very core. The Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) made it very clear to me that the Roman Catholic version of Mary along with ALL of the apparitions was also totally DEMONIC also. Be Blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ!

You can now listen to the audio messages that I have recorded and shared over the years on a podcast called The Soul Refuge Podcast. I will be updating the podcast regularly (God willing) and I have included links to the Apple, Spotify, and Google podcast APPS which carry The Soul Refuge Podcast. If you download their APPS you can put them on your iPhone or other phones and search for The Soul Refuge Podcast and you are ready to go. I love these APPS because it is so easy to listen to anything you desire at the touch of a button. Be Blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can find plenty of videos on the Soul Refuge YouTube site by clicking on the YouTube icon. There are tons of videos on different topics especially those that deal with the counterfeit teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. I deal with the seduction of Christians into the Roman Catholic “Charismatic Movement” also. Many have been seduced by that movement over the past 60 years. They FAIL to discern that the “Charismatic Movement” is still Roman Catholic to the very core, including ALL of their false teachings! Be Blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ as you watch these videos!