• Does Evangelist Luis Palau Still Allow Roman Catholic Priests to Hear Confessions, and Distribute Rosary Beads At His Crusades?

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    John Malone wrote the following at Biblestudy.net: “Smagacz is 58 years old and glad to have left the Roman Catholic Church. He left it 35 years ago. I read an article sent to me that was published on Omaha’s daily newspaper, the Omaha World Herald, that described Smagacz’ one-man “protest” at a Luis Palau “Heartland Festival” in Omaha. The event was said to have attracted 105,000 visitors, a record. I suppose, hyperbole being what it is, the crowd was likely half that size, but still large.

    Palau is known among Bible believers to be “soft on Romanism,” and far too ecumenical to be Biblically sound. Many of us consider that ministries like Palau’s yoke themselves with unbelievers, contrary to Bible principles set forth in 2 Corinthians 6:14, and Revelation 18:4. The more skeptical among us – call us jaded – know that men like Palau don’t become prominent in this country without somehow accepting that Roman Catholics are essentially Christian.

    Smagacz passed out a tract and his personal testimony. That, along with his sign that read, “Why I left the Catholic Church,” was his “protest.” He said for the most part he was well received. He was harassed by a Roman Catholic priest, but that fellow was made to stop. Most people gladly received his offer of his literature, but some Catholics cared to argue with him about John 6, perhaps the only Scripture a Roman Catholic takes literally, concerning eating the Jesus’ flesh and drinking His blood.

    Organizers of the Palau event had Smagacz moved off the event grounds. These same organizers arranged for a large Roman Catholic tent on the premises where RC literature was freely passed out, rosaries handed out (or sold, I do not know which), and Roman Catholic (RC) priests were “hearing confessions” throughout both days. The tent with confessions being heard was a requirement by the RCO locally in order to gain their “support.”

    Eldon Curtiss, the archbishop of the Omaha Roman Catholic Archdiocese, was invited to open – or close – the “festival” in prayer. [biblestudy.net July 25, 2007 by John Malone]

  • Multitudes of Lost Souls Still Fooled By The Purgatory Deception

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    Listen to me here. Any man or woman who BELIEVES and TEACHES the FALSE and WICKED doctrine of Purgatory does NOT know the REAL Lord Jesus Christ. That includes the Roman Catholic Pope Francis, and every Cardinal, Bishop and Priest in the entire Roman Catholic system. If a person BELIEVES the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ, then they KNOW that they have already been justified by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. That is what the SCRIPTURES teach us, and that is EXACTLY what JESUS CHRIST wanted us to understand and BELIEVE! JESUS wanted ALL of us to know that HIS DEATH on the cross perfectly SATISFIED the JUSTICE of GOD for us. That is the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL.

    The teaching of PURGATORY is a doctrine of devils (1 Timothy 4:1) which KEEPS people in a continuous spiritual TORMENT, always wondering whether or not they will make it to HEAVEN. It KEEPS the POWER and AUTHORITY to be FREE in the hands of the Roman Catholic church, with people having Masses said for their LOVED ones who have already died. People are held in a DEMONIC BONDAGE, until they either GET SAVED after coming to KNOW the REAL Jesus Christ, or they DIE in their SINS, and end up in HELL! (John 8:24, 3:36)

    I do not believe that the mass is a propitiatory sacrifice and I do not believe that there is any benefit at all in the Roman Catholic mass, so according to the teaching of the Roman Catholic church, I am anathematized (cursed). I CHOOSE to believe what the scriptures tell me such as the following:

    But GOD commendeth HIS LOVE toward us, in that, while WE were yet sinners, CHRIST died for US. Much more then, being now JUSTIFIED by HIS BLOOD, we shall be SAVED from WRATH through HIM. (Romans 5:8-9)



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